One Stop Solution for Shoe Wear and Garment Business

For both shoe wear and garment business, we provide one stop solution,
from knitting, dyeing, brushing, shearing, anti-pilling, sueding and finishing,
all in one stop service. This avoid long list of supplier chain and less problem
during production process.

Speed Development for
Functional Fabric

For customer who is looking for the functional fabric, we can develop new product according to customer’s requirement. In the moment, we are capable of doing following

icon flame retarded

Flame retarded

(Permanent or semi-permanent)
icon quick dry

Quick dry

icon anti bacterial


icon glow Fabric

Glow Fabric and many others

icon water repellent

Water repellent

(Permanent or semi-permanent)

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We have ability to work with great variety of material and knitting type

While single functional fabric can be easy achieved, different functions can be combined into one multi-functional type of fabric. The multi-functional type of fabric is achieved either by special knitting technique or by post finishing treatment.

For example, the quick dry and water repellent function can be established at the same fabric to form a complete new genre of fabric. In additional, we have ability to work with great variety of material and knitting type, following are common but not limited to: Cotton / Polyester / Nylon / Acrylic / Rayon Circular Knit / Warp Knit / Woven


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