Our commitment to a green world

Our plants are operated by personnel trained in wastewater management. Our water treatment facility utilize the advance water treatment technology, all wastewater discharged from our plant not only meet but exceed the standard of local regulation. We are one of few textile factory nominated by government to be the eco-friendly textile factory in west Java area. During the dry season of the year, more than 60% of treated wastewater are recycled back to use.

Sustainable use
of water resources

Use & consumption
of water

The basis for the water management in Mewah Niagajaya follows the principles contained in the CEO Water Mandate initiative, promoted by the UN Global Compact and that presently represent the most accepted criteria worldwide.

Visible & verifiable
water management

All efforts developed by Mewah Niagajaya, towards proper water management will be visible and verifiable. We believe that the visibility is important because this will promote actions that can serve as example to other companies.

Our Vision of Sustainability

In Mewah Niagajaya, we knew being environmental friendly can be costly, but it is not an optional choice. We believe it is our responsibility to ensure a better world and sustainability. This ensures us a proper management of water resources thus better protection of the environment, responding to the demands of the society. This integration of sustainability in our activities should extend to all our business model, creating a vision that is shared by all those who form part of the company.


Our trusted clients